Vintage Décor, Flappers and Pearls, Amazing Cuisine, and So Much More . . . Just another night at th

The1920's, the era of Big Bands, Prohibition (aka when it was illegal to manufacture, sell, or transport alcohol), lots of fringe, and dancing til dawn. A time when people gathered in the most unlikely of places; basements, attics, and even secret rooms of "legitimate" restaurants to share a drink (or 2) with friends, do a little dancing, and have themselves a "good old time".

Places like The Cotton Club, The Stork Club, and Chumley's of NY, were just a few of the 30,000 Speakeasies that were open for business across the country during that time.. The thought of gathering in secret, the exclusiveness of knowing the password to get in the door, and the possibility of a police raid at any moment, added to the allure and excitement of hanging out at the Speakeasy.

Fast forward 90 years or so, and even though Prohibition is long gone, and styles have completely changed, there is still something extra special about that period of time. Katherine has recreated the perfect ambiance of a traditional Speakeasy from days gone by, with a bit of a modern flair. Vintage décor, hand crafted cocktails made at our hand carved bar, servers dressed in time period clothing, smooth jazz playing in the background, and a mouthwatering menu of amazing delicacies to satisfy even the most particular palates, greet you from the moment you walk through the door (as long as you know the password!) until the moment you leave.

So pick a weekend, and head on over to the Speakeasy at Monroe's. Dress up in vintage wear, or come as you are. Sit at the 20ft hand carved bar with new friends, plan a private party with old friends, or find a romantic table for two near the fireplace. Feast on delicious food, listen to Big Band favorites, and take it all in, every single second. Enjoy a one of a kind experience . . .

See you at The Speakeasy at Monroe's.

Call for Reservations 585-348-9103.

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